• The Return/Exchange facility has been resumed due to the situation getting back to normal. Hence, The Return/Exchange is only applicable within 60 days from the date of purchase.
    Please refer to Return and exchange policy: 
    1. We have a standard 60-day Return and Exchange policy under which the product can be exchanged on your next international Trip from the same shop you purchased the product. 
    2. The return/ exchange is only applicable if the product has a manufacturing defect or received a damaged product from the manufacturer. On the basis of internal approval, the decision would be taken. (if the passenger claim is genuine)
    3. If the product has been purchased from our shops at departures, then the exchange will take place at the Departures shop and if the product has been purchased from our Arrivals shops, then the exchange will take place at our arrival shops.
    4. If you are not traveling but your known is then share the product along with the bill copy for him to exchange on your behalf. Please inform to support team of their details.
    5. Please note the Product should be in the original packing, unopened & unused with the Bill copy for exchange. If it is found to be opened & used, we cannot take it as a return.
    6. Once confirmed by the concerned team that the product is unused, You can exchange a product of a similar value. If the price is more, then you can pay the balance amount and purchase the product.
    7 This is only for a one-time exchange/return that we have facilitated owing to customer experience.
    8. Please confirm your travel date 10 days before to align the staff to the support team.
    For any other concerns related to the return/exchange,  please write to us at: within 60 days of your purchase. Post 60 days we would not be able to facilitate return or exchange requests.
  • For any other concerns related to your purchase please write to us at: within 30 days of your purchase.