Gucci The Alchemist's Garden The Heart Of Leo Eau de Parfum Unisex 100ml

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Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden is a Luxury Collection of sophisticated Eau de Parfums, Perfumed Oils, and Acque Profumate inspired by the art of alchemy. Captivated by the star-studded sky, the Gucci alchemist dreams of a new olfactory Gucci fragrance honouring the brightest star from the Lion constellation - Gucci The Heart of Leo. Guided by his brightness, the lion leaps from the sky in search of the world’s most precious ingredients. Knowing that resinous incense brings opulence to those who possess it, the lion jumps to the Arabic peninsula where Olibanum grows. Here, the noble creature encounters the tears of weeping trees, the bark exuding an unexpected, spicy scent that warms his heart. A symphony of balsamic resin traverses continents through golden winds, beckoning the lion to return to his homeland, Africa. As he follows the scent to yet another tree, he encounters the balsamic nectar of myrrh and its liquorice smoky undertones that liberate his soul. To sweeten his journey back to the moon, the lion garlands his mane in a blood-red blackcurrant accord. With the promise of dawn nearing, harmony returns as the lion resumes his position in the sky. Happy with the lion’s fabled journey, the Gucci alchemist carefully encases the fruity, ambery elixir– and its night-sky-inspired story – in a black lacquered bottle. Much like the alchemist's ability to transform all that he touches into newfound wonders, this unisex Gucci fragrance is manufactured using alcohol made from 100% recycled carbon emissions.

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