Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Old No 7, 80 Proof 2X1L Twin Pack

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Jack Daniel's is crafted according to all of bourbon's quality standards but undergoes the extra step of mellowing drop by drop through 10 feet of hard sugar maple charcoal. Mellowing the whiskey is a time-consuming and costly extra step, but it gives Jack Daniel's its smooth character and distinctive taste. It makes Jack Daniel's a Tennessee Whiskey and not bourbon.

After mellowing, Jack Daniel's whiskey is matured in new, charred American white oak barrels, from which the whiskey draws its spicy oak notes and its rich, golden color. Today, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey has come to stand for uncompromising quality, authenticity and a deep appreciation for friendship and independence. It's a 150-year-old tradition that we work hard to honor every day.


Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Caramel with mild hints of banana

Taste: Balanced caramel, vanilla & toasted oak, medium-bodied

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