February 18, 2022

 BOSS The Collection is a wardrobe of menswear essentials in fragrance form. Regardless of style, mood or occasion, this premium collection offers a fragrance that reflects the modern man’s individual attitude and personality. Click in to find your perfect olfactive fit and discover how scent can inspire style.

Featuring seven intense scents, BOSS The Collection unites BOSS’ long-standing presence in the fashion industry and exceptional perfumery. The collection is inspired by a wardrobe of men’s essential wear – from the crisp white shirt to the dandy leather jacket – to complement the multi-faceted modern man.

The Collection

To illustrate the scents that dress a man, The Collection has produced an olfactory stylebook. Each composition has been tailored to express the brand signature style, fashioned with flawless ingredients for an elegant fragrance wardrobe. Male confidence, vigor, energy and magnetism are captured in this luxurious fragrance portfolio, which covers the entire olfactive territory: aromatic, woody, citrus, and ambery. 

The Collection has been painstakingly crafted and captured in glass with the same skill tailors employ in crafting haute couture. The iconic bottle with its sleek lines is embellished with a distinctive couture garment label. Its thermo-luster finish sublimates the hue and intensity of the liquid “fabric”, each corresponding to a Menswear Essential. Colored cylinders on metal bases are the perfect touch to this rare collection. 

Vigorous Cologne

The Collection’s response to the classic, immaculate white shirt: a symbol of spotless success. Bright notes of bergamot meet sensual patchouli to give a jolt of clean, invigorating freshness.

Energetic Fougère 

Inspired by the iconic travel suit, Energetic Fougère is a promise of a perfect silhouette. Elegant sandalwood is redefined by aromatic artemisia oil for a sexy-clean scent.

Magnetic Musk

Magnetic Musk captures the stunning velvet beauty of the BOSS quintessential long cashmere coat. Masculine white musk encounters refined sage for a warmth enveloped in finesse.

Elegant Vetiver

Elegant Vetiver replicates the moment of pure gratification when stepping into a suit made-to-measure. Warm vetiver is heightened by a pistachio accord for the ultimate masculine refinement.

Noble Wood

Noble Wood conjures up the high-fidelity and high-definition finesse of a cashmere knit. Classic oak wood meets a spirited whisky accord that captures the essence of a self-assured, daring man.

Daring Saffiano

An urban tailored leather jacket now showcases its olfactory image and likeness. Smoky leather meets vivid geranium notes in Daring Saffiano, the essence of urban cool with a touch of mystery.

Bold Incense

If the Menswear essential suede jacket were reincarnated in a fragrance, its name would be Bold Incense. The intensity of incense meets daring notes of plum to accentuate the confidence of every man.  

Just as every man has a distinctive attitude and style that changes on occasion, BOSS The Collection’s olfactive styling ensures that each of your wardrobe essentials has its own olfactory alter-ego.