April 8, 2022

Different lips, different needs. Find the perfect lipstick finish for every occasion in Gucci’s Lipstick family, which ranges from long-lasting high shine satins to intensely vivid mattes.

Gucci began its makeup story under Alessandro Michele’s imaginative vision of breaking industry traditions. He revered a new set of beauty ideals, where embracing self-expression, and diversity are at the core of each product.
Lipsticks were the first chapter in Gucci Makeup and has since branched into various collections, each with a stunning lipstick formula that accentuates the unique contours of one’s lips. These collections were inspired by the made-up lips of Hollywood stars from the Golden Age, which expressed sensuality, charm and influence. The result is a contemporary broad palette of lip colours to cater your lips for every occasion.
The star colour in each of these collections (besides Baume à Lèvres) is 25* Goldie Red. Chosen by Alessandro Michele because of his admiration for the colour red, this emblematic red shade recalls the shade of lipstick the Creative Director saw on the lips of self-assured women when he was a child in the 80s. The name is also a nod towards the legendary Hollywood character, Goldie, while the starred 25 is a reference to the Creative Director’s lucky number.

Rouge à Lèvres Satin

Creamy with intense colour, the formula delivers a perfect and long-lasting satin finish, that leaves lips smooth and soft, and is lightweight with a comfortable feel. This wearable finish is perfect for daytime explorations and meetings, so that your lips always exalt your individual beauty. Those that desire the long-lasting colour of a matte lipstick with some eye-catching shine would be enraptured by Rouge à Lèvres Satin.
Delhi Duty Free carries 24 shades that sweep from nudes—such as ‘Penny Beige’, a pleasing hazelnut beige – to a vivid red like ‘Odalie Red’. For the flirty and fun, enticing pinks like ‘Vantine Fuchsia’, a rich fuchsia shade, is a riveting addition to the makeup collection. The shade range also includes nuances of orange and purple and an unexpected black hue, ‘Crystal Black’.

Rouge à Lèvres Voile

Imparting a colour on the lips like a memory, the sheer formula gives a luminous finish in a pop colour palette that deliver a feeling of moisture and comfort in a lightweight texture. This is the perfect complement to any individual that prefers a natural, comfortable look while soaking in the sun outdoors.
Delhi Duty Free carries 12 shades that ranges from a scarlet red (‘Eadie Scarlet’) to warmer browns (‘The Painted Veil’) to express your tenacious spirit.

Rouge De Beauté Brillant

Deeply moisturising over 24 hours, long-lasting and with high shine power, Rouge De Beauté Brillant has the caring properties of a balm with lipstick levels of pigmentation. Delivering a veil of vibrant, glowing colour with an instant sensation of moisture, this hybrid lipstick envelops the lips with hydration and beautiful colour. A subtle lip plumping is achieved through the antioxidant ingredients, so lips look fuller and plumped to perfection. This is perfect for individuals torn between the sheer and satin option – it’s a hybrid an in-between for both.
Delhi Duty Free carries 12 eye-catching shades, ranging from flattering pinks (‘My Cousin Rachel’) to indulgent reds (‘Abbie Maroon Red’).

Rouge à Lèvres Mat

A lip colour with a clear, gelling soft wax base that works in harmony with the pigments to create an intense vivid tone with a matte finish – all in one stroke. The colour is bright and rich, and the feel is smooth, soft and velvety. Rouge à Lèvres Mat has a silk like texture that delivers comfort, without drying out lips or color smudging. The uniform color intensity and glamorous matte finish give an effortless application. The brilliant colour payoff is suitable for night escapades, where a touch-up is furthest thing on your itinerary. For individuals that wants a lipstick that packs a pigmented punch, sans the shine.
Delhi Duty Free carries 24 rich shades, ranging from true browns (‘Mona Leslie Cameo’) to iconic reds (‘Goldie Red’). There are also two unique colours – Valentine Verdante, a mesmerizing emerald green, and Sophie Plum, a deep plum violet.

Baume à Lèvres

Enhances the natural smoothness and texture of the lips, the lip balms give a soft glow of colour with three shades and one transparent formula, melting on lips to leave a feeling of hydration, moisture and comfort. The best companion to pamper your lips while you are lounging about.
Delhi Duty Free carries all four shades, including ‘Joslyn Clair’ in transparent, ‘René Pink’ a red pink and ‘Penelope Plum’ a plum hue.

Be it stunning satins or mesmerizing mattes, Gucci’s lipstick family has a colour and finish for every individual to express their unique beauty.