Richard Paterson Master Distiller for The Dalmore

November 25, 2020

With over 50 years of experience in the whisky industry, Richard Paterson, Master Distiller for The Dalmore is regarded as one of the world’s best distillers and most loved whisky experts.

He is a dedicated artisan, who diligently leads the creation of the outstanding The Dalmore Highland Single Malt collection, with devotion, passion and innovative flair.

Being a third generation Master Distiller, Richard quickly learned from his father and grandfather that the complex art of producing the perfect whisky is not one to be taken lightly. Richard took heed of this advice and it is his dedication to his craft, his attention to detail and his unwavering commitment to producing the most exceptional whiskies that help make each and every drop of The Dalmore outstanding.

Richard began his career as a general production assistant at A. Giles & Company Whisky Blenders & Brokers where he learned the art of whisky distilling and blending before joining Whyte & Mackay , (one of Scotland’s leading makers Scotch whisky and owners of The Dalmore) becoming their Master Distiller at just 26 years old.

And over forty years later, he is still the custodian of The Dalmore, carefully keeping a watchful eye over some of Scotland’s oldest and most rarest whisky stocks. With a truly unique talent for ‘nosing whisky’, he often nosing hundreds of samples of The Dalmore over the course of a day, with the expertise to be able to distinguish between each to maintain particular layers of flavour, aroma and depth. Only when he feels the whisky is flawless on the nose and palate does he decide that it is the perfect time to release the whisky for consumers to enjoy worldwide. It is his skill that earned him the nickname ‘The Nose’ within the whisky industry.

In his drive to exceed, Richard is constantly demonstrating how he standing apart in the whisky industry. His commitment to hand selecting every cask that The Dalmore’s precious liquid is matured in has led him all over the world to the finest bodegas and wineries. He was the first Master Distiller to take the innovative and bold decision to mature one of his whiskies in no less than 6 different casks with the result being exquisite The Dalmore King Alexander III. He was also instrumental in the creation of The Dalmore Constellation Collection by meticulously maturing his precious liquid in a range of different casks which were laid down in the warehouse for an extended period of time. Only when he felt the time was right did he begin nosing and assessing some of the rarest casks from The Dalmore’s deepest darkest warehouses, before crafting The Dalmore Constellation Collection which is a perfect assemblage of 21 whiskies that showcase The Dalmore across the decades.

When Richard isn’t creating his whiskies he is often out travelling the globe extensively as not just an ambassador for The Dalmore but for the Scottish whisky industry as a whole. His inimitable presenting style coupled with his passion and knowledge for whisky has earned him a many fans across the world who are delighted with his informative tasting presentations. He has been awarded The Spirit of Scotland Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, named Whisky Magazine Whisky Ambassador of the Year and has even had a series of Manga comic strips created in his honour! When he isn’t receiving plaudits for his work, Richard likes to spend his time getting other’s involved in his passion as he is a Diploma Lecturer for Scotch Whisky for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London. He also works extensively with the Benevolent Trust in Scotland, to raise money for those who have previously worked in the drinks industry and have fallen on harder times. In 2008 Richard published his very own book, Goodness Nose.

Richard regularly features in the press and has contributed to magazines such as the Financial Times How to Spend It, Whisky & Bourbon, The Huffington Post and Whisky Magazine, as well as brining his inimitable presenting style to life on programmes such as CNBC (US), Style TV (Russia).and STV (UK) to name but a few.

What the press say about Richard…

‘It’s a measure of the man that, after a distinguished career and 40 years in the whisky industry, he’s still excited by Scotch, and his energy and passion (an over-used word, but justified here) spill over because he wants you to be excited as well. Richard Paterson a legend in Scotch whisky. If there was an Oscar for whisky, he would win it.’

Ian Buxton, Whisky Writer

“Paterson is, one moment, a dedicated curator of both whiskies and history, the next, an inspirational innovator with a completely unconventional approach to building a whisky, drawing on influences from gastronomy and astronomy and from folklore.”

Chris Madigan, Brummell Magazine

‘His sartorial style reflects his traditional, gentlemanly values but also expresses the meticulous attention to detail that has made him so good at what he does.’

Kate Portman, Whisky Mag

‘Richard Paterson’s nose is impressively proportioned and he’s proud of it, as you might expect from a man who claims to be the great-great-great-great grandson of Cyrano de Bergerac.’

Tom Morton, The Sunday Times

“Richard has been hugely, hugely helpful to me in whisky information, entertainment and education.” “I think it’s fair to say he is currently the best ambassador for scotch throughout the world”

Charlie McLean, Whisky Writer

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