January 21, 2020

Authored by: Akanksha Redhu

Have anything related to perfumes and you’ll know exactly how to catch my attention. Delhi Duty Free recently invited us over to I-Kandy, the poolside lounge at Pullman Hotel, Gurgaon to a fragrance & perfume related session with Vir Sanghvi. Up until that evening, I frankly was not even aware of the fact that Vir Sanghvi wrote on fragrances, but after that session, one could understand why. He knows A LOT! And has been writing on fragrances for the past 10 years or so now.

Fragrance 101 | Delhi Duty Free | | Vir Sanghvi

It was a lovely and relaxed setting at the I-Kandy lounge by the poolside with cocktails everywhere and Vir Sanghvi discussing fragrances in a completely casual and relaxed manner. He told us stories of huge fashion houses and how their fragrances came about, some scandalous and some not so. He even told us how women perceive fragrances differently from men. Since most men are looking to smell cleaner and fresher from their perfumes, Davidoff Cool Water, one of the most successful men’s fragrances actually has a molecule that is also used in washing detergents to make clothes smell fresh and clean!

Fragrance 101 | Delhi Duty Free | | Bar at i-Kandy

After the session was over we enjoyed a few more drinks at the bar after which it was dinner time and dinner was absolutely delicious!! The gnocchi was to-die-for and so was the pork belly.

Fragrance 101 | Delhi Duty Free | | Dinner Time

Fragrance 101 | Delhi Duty Free | | Dinner
Fragrance 101 | Delhi Duty Free | | Desserts

It was a lovely evening where my love for fragrances & perfumes grew even more and I got to learn a lot more about them. Desperately need to visit the Delhi Duty Free now to make some brand new purchases. Here is a great list that I had prepared a while back.
Hope you enjoyed the post!

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