Discover the range of finest cognacs with us!

January 21, 2020

The finest of all spirits – Cognac is known as the ‘water of life’ in French for a reason. It is a very specific type of brandy that is produced by distilling wine from grapes called Ugni Blanc. Grown only in the Cognac region of France, the intricate distilling process is what makes it the most revered spirit in the world. Lucky for you that these precious spirits can be found at Delhi Duty Free Store. So, whenever you travel next via Delhi airport, don’t forget to bring home these 5 finest bottles.  

  1. Hennessy VSOP

You can enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in refined cocktails. This crafted drink is carefully aged and blended in oak casks to create a velvety and smooth blend of various flavours. 

2. Remy Martin XO 

A sought-after drink that should be reserved for special occasions. It is remarkably smooth, rich and mellow with a masterful blend of myriads of fruity, spicy, and floral aromas. Enjoy the taste of excellence at INR 20,490 from DDFS! 

3. Otard XO

Is an older member of the Cognac family and is recognized worldwide for its quality and elegant bottle design. The flavours combine all the finesse of the fruity aromas. Available at DDFS for INR 11,360.

4. Camus VS Elegance

Has become synonymous with high standards of quality. Its floral and fruity flavour has hints of wild rose and hazelnut. Moreover, it is a careful blend of Eaux-de-vie made from wines distilled without lees, making it the unparalleled drink in the cognac universe. 

5. Martell Cordon Bleu

Its distinctive taste is what makes it so legendary. With fruity and spicy flavours, one sip of it would make you crave for more. 

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