Terms & Conditions


The Promotion is applicable at all Delhi Duty Free outlets and is only valid during the specified Promotion Period.


o The Coupons issued for this Promotion are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged with any other item(s).


o For customers making purchases at all stores except Boutique stores, the Coupons will be auto-generated from POS machines after billing. However, in Boutique stores, customers will be provided with printed blank Coupons that must be filled out to participate in the draw.


o Participants must deposit the Coupons in the designated ticket-drop boxes located at the Promotion Outlets.


o To be eligible for the Mega Prize, participants must provide the correct answer to the question mentioned on the Coupon(s).


o By participating in the Promotion, the participants accept full responsibility for compliance with the terms and conditions and proper usage of any Privileges won. Unutilized or unclaimed Privileges will be considered forfeited.


o In case of any disputes between participants and Delhi Duty Free regarding the Promotion, the decision of Delhi Duty Free shall be final.


o Delhi Duty Free and Visa reserve the right to cancel, discontinue, or amend the Promotion and/or any of its terms and conditions without prior notice.


o The standard terms and conditions for the purchase of goods and services at the Promotion Outlet shall apply.


o Any disputes between the participant and the Business Partner will be subject to the jurisdiction of courts at New Delhi, India.


o The draw shall happen at end of promotion and results will be announced via delhi duty free social channels.



o The distribution of Coupons for eligible Promotion Cardholders is as follows:


o Two (2) Coupons for each single transaction using a Promotion Card above Rs. 4,990 but less than Rs. 8,999. (Non-Visa Cardholders are eligible for one (1) Coupon.)
o Four (4) Coupons for each single transaction using a Promotion Card above INR 9,000. (Non-Visa Cardholders are eligible for two (2) Coupons.)



By participating in the Promotion, customers agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Delhi Duty Free and Visa are committed to ensuring a fair and enjoyable promotion experience for all participants.